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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

How many of us understand the connection between mercy and healing? Both are unearned and undeserved gifts from God. But they are imparted as real signs of His unbounded love. This truth is gleaned in today’s gospel. Bartimaeus cries out for mercy (Mk 10:47). He knew he was blind and wanted to see. Mercy starts with an honest recognition of our state, and then a cry out to the Lord for help. The state we are in may be the result illness, choices we made, the actions of others, or the result of the rhythms of nature and our weak human condition. When we own our state, and cry out to the Lord like the blind beggar, our loving Lord will hear and answer us. Jesus wants to heal our eyes, minds, heart and spirit. If He chooses, He will heal our bodies. The question is, when Jesus imparts His mercy and healing, do we now get up and follow Him, or remain paralyzed in the spot He found us and from which we are cured? Bartimaeus showed humility and gratitude by getting up to walk with Jesus (Mk. 10:52). Believers who own the mercy and healing of our Lord cannot remain in the same spot from which we are healed and rescued. We must move with joy in the power of the Lord. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us. Heal our entire being, so that with praise on our lips and gratitude in our hearts, we may renew our resolve to follow You, to do what you ask, and tell to others about Your undying love and compassion. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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