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Today's Byte

God desires that we all bear fruit (Jn. 15:8). The parable of the fig tree in today’s gospel shows the desire for fruit to be borne (Lk. 13:6-9). The landowner has placed the tree in a place where the expected fruit can be gathered. The worker desires life for the tree and fruit to be seen, so he wants to fertilises it. If the tree responds, fruit will be eaten. The parable shows the beauty of the presence of the Holy Trinity in our lives. God our Father has planted us in our unique circumstance of life to bear fruit. God the Son ‘fertilises’ us with His grace and mercy so that we can yield the desired fruit. The Holy Spirit who dwells in us, causes the ‘change’ in our hearts to reveal fruit for the kingdom. The following lessons can be gleaned from this parable: 1. God desires that we bear fruit in all circumstances of life. 2. God gives us all that we need to bring fruit into the world. 3. It is God who works on us to bear fruit, we just need to surrender. 4. The bearing of fruit is not based on how good we are, but how great and powerful God is, who is able to work through all our experiences. 5. We will only bear fruit when we take our eyes off ourselves and turn them on Jesus’ wonderful face, whose grace is always sufficient. Lord Jesus, teach me how to yield to Your love, to die to self and any distracting thoughts, so that Your grace will empower me to bear fruits for your eternal kingdom. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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