• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

When we pray, we do so in faith. We come before a loving and ever merciful God who never fails to listen and answer us. Our God who knows our hearts and what we need, will respond in a manner that leads to our benefit, even when it seems our prayer is not answered the way we desire. So when we pray, what is our intention? Is it for our or God’s glory?

The Disciples’ intentions in today’s gospel are highly questionable. Two ask to sit on the right and left of Jesus (Mk. 10:37). The others were angry because, based on Jesus’ teaching on authority, it seems they wanted those positions. Jealousy and puffed egos now surface. Our prayer should be coloured with a contrite heart and a humble spirit. Contrition shows sorrow for our sins and trusting in our Saviour who will always forgive us, and lead us back to Him. A humble spirit invites the Lord to take the lead in our lives, as we grow to accept His plans over ours. Prayer leads to a true submission of God’s will for us. Lord Jesus, I trust in you. As I offer my praise and petitions to You, teach me how to daily surrender to Your loving response. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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