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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

We may be familiar with the saying, “To err is human; to forgive divine.” We who sin and know others who do, know the struggle we all have in genuinely striving to align our lives with the word of God. The struggle is not just between good and evil, but it can also be between good and the greater good. For example, the struggle could be between the good of having sufficient resources to feed one’s family and the greater good of deciding how much of those resources one can share with the needy in our society.

We cannot go wrong in choosing the good or yielding to the greater good. The problem lies when our intentions, words and actions go against love for God and His ways. This often leads to personal and communal pain, and can be magnified when the sins of others lead to our suffering.

The parable of the unforgiving servant (Mt. 18:21-35) provides the antidote. We err when we sin or fail to forgive. But we become participants in the divine life, and experience true joy and peace, when we surrender to God’s word by living the good and practicing forgiveness. It is then that we truly imitate Jesus our Lord.

Lord Jesus, teach me how to follow Your word which leads to life. May my choosing the good and showing forgiveness be the evidence of Your Divine Spirit dwelling within me. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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