• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Our Lenten journey should have this aim: to walk closer with Jesus. We do not necessarily trust the voice of a stranger nor willingly submit to what is asked. Yet that is the remarkable scene portrayed in today’s gospel. Jesus, the stranger, invites Levi, the tax collector, to follow Him (Lk. 5:27). He responded and became a full-time Disciple of the Lord.

Levi must have liked what he heard from the Lord and be amazed at what he saw. He chose to leave all to follow this Teacher, and then remained with Jesus until the end. Levi did not rely on someone’s witness, but allowed his own experience of Jesus to shape his life. We who are also called by Jesus to follow Him, are invited to spend time with Him, listen to His voice and experience true and real love.

Lord Jesus, may Your grace help me to keep my eyes on You, to listen to Your voice, and to grow deeper in love with You. Amen.



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