• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

How is your fasting going? We hear Jesus endorsing fasting in today’s gospel (MT. 9:15). It is interesting that He says there is no need to fast when the bridegroom is present, only when taken away. Since the bridegroom ‘is present’ on Sunday, the day of His resurrection, then fasting may be relaxed on the Lord’s Day. But during the days of Lent, we fast as a spiritual sign of love. We are encouraged to fast from meat (or a complete meal) in aligning ourselves with the suffering of Jesus on the cross. This type of fast can be observed everyday of Lent or our lives, but it is more intentional on Fridays. When we fast, we are not only making room for the Spirit in our lives, but also allowing our self-denial to wilfully suffer with the Lord, and use this sacrifice to benefit others. Lord Jesus, may my fasting find favour with You, as I join my pain to Your suffering on the cross, and give greater room to Your Spirit in my life so that I can be a blessing for others. Amen.



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