• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

In our busy lives, do we intentionally stop to see the beautiful sunrise, listen to the birds singing, smile at the sight of trees dancing in the wind, or be enchanted by the allure of flowers? Do we appreciate the glory of God alive in the family member at home, or the stranger we pass on the street? All are gifts. All are signs. The Pharisees in today’s gospel ask Jesus for a sign (Mk. 8:11). They had become so pre-occupied with their status and duties that they not only missed the ‘new sign’ of total love in Jesus, but they also allowed their egos to blind them to the revelation that He was imparting. There is none so blind as those who do not see. Lord Jesus, touch my eyes that I may never fail to see the signs of Your love in the goodness of creation, others and myself. Amen.



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