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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

What paralyses us from drawing close to the Lord? What makes us slow or immobile to spend time in His presence, and listen to His voice or reflect on His word? Is it our sense of unworthiness due to our sins? Is it the fear of being rejected, the inability to trust His healing power, or making ourselves deliberately ‘busy’ so that we may attend to our own agenda and not yield to His will or purpose? Today’s gospel of the paralytic being healed (Mk. 2:1-12) contains two truths for our faith journey. The first is that we all need friends who will lovingly take us to the Lord in prayer. These are the ones who desire our genuine growth, and their actions are honoured by the Lord. The second is that only in the Lord’s presence do we experience true healing and peace. His love empowers us to ‘walk’. Lord Jesus, even as I give you thanks for your healing mercy and the gift of friends, may Your grace continue to strengthen me so that I may walk with You into the joys of heaven. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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