• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

Jesus declares we are the "light of the world" (Mt. 5:14). How do we let our light shine so that others may glorify God? Here are three suggestions: 1. Begin each day with a prayer from a heart full of love for God and all people. In prayer, call their names or picture their smiling faces before the Lord. This creates spiritual bonds of unity. 2. Cultivate the gift of peace in every situation at all times. Be quick to forgive, learn to move on, and rise above negativity. 3. Celebrate each person and moment in life as gifts from God. Choose to be grateful, provide encouragement and support, and be the change that is desired to advance the kingdom of God. Despite our frailty, through the power of the Spirit, shine on. Lord Jesus, may we who recognise You to be the Light of the world, allow Your Spirit to help us to shine as lights for Your glory. Amen.

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