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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

It is within the human experience to have a disconnect between a noble intention and a positive action. Marriage is a beautiful action. Sometimes the primary intention is not based on true love, but on the 'real' aim of acquiring wealth, obtaining the legal papers to migrate, or even to escape the tyranny of home. Believers should honestly examine our intentions and actions in our daily lives. When our intentions and actions are genuinely based on love, it is then that we reveal that we are responding to the Holy Spirit. This is true when the aim and action is to give glory to God by seeking His will and purpose. Tobiah prayed, "Now Lord, I take this wife of mine, not because of lust, but for a noble purpose," (Tb. 8:7). May our intentions and actions be based on love of God and others. Loving Father, may we Your children prayerfully place all our intentions and actions in Your hands. Purify either or both, so that our lives may lead to Your glory by the love that is evident for You and our neighbour. Amen.

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