• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

The episodes of this life are meant to prepare us for the glorious conclusion of the afterlife. Our lifestyle, choices and the way we relate with others will all determine where we will spend eternity. Since heaven and being with our God is our ultimate goal, then through every present experience, we should seek to encounter, glorify and praise Him. If we embrace this mindset, we will choose to see the face of Christ in everyone and the beauty of God in creation. The reality that all things are passing and only God is eternal, will help us to appreciate the fact that all gifts are ephemeral. Our attachments to people and things will be broken in the next life (Mk. 12:25). Let us live joyfully in the present, and prepare for a future of glory. Lord Jesus, help us to appreciate the passing gifts of this life, so that through them, we may grow and anticipate the complete gift of being with You in heaven forever. Amen.

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