• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

"The Lord has mercy in those who fear Him" (Lk. 1:50). When Mary said these words to Elizabeth, she was already filled with the Holy Spirit. Both women were in a place of spiritual ecstasy since the miracle of being mothers in their respective states was God's gift to them. Now the Spirit overflowed their joy with love and truth. But do we have a 'holy fear' of the Lord? Fear may be equated with punishment, which does not allow us to grow to love the Lord as we should. A right attitude to 'fear of the Lord ', which stems from love, is to do all things to please Him. We should fear breaking His sacred heart or causing tears because of sin. Lord Jesus, may our love for you be affirmed by choosing to live according to Your word, so that Your mercy and grace will fall on us. Amen.

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