• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Time after time, believers in Christ recognise the voice and hand of our Lord coming to our rescue. The problems surface and our faithful God provides the solution. We see an example of this truth in today's gospel. The disciples had trouble catching fish. But the Lord appeared, gave them instructions and their obedience yielded a catch beyond expectation (Jn. 21:3-6).

The disciples realised that it was the Lord who had performed this joyful miracle (Jn. 21:7). They then rushed into His presence, where they listened to Him and did His bidding (Jn. 21:8-14). As disciples of our risen Lord, our gratitude to Him for our eternal salvation and providing daily answers to our problems should be evidenced by our worship and constant journey in His company.

Lord Jesus, may our thanksgiving for all that You do for us be seen by our seeking Your presence in worship and service. Amen.

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