• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

How do we recognise the presence of the risen Christ? Three insights can be gleaned from today's gospel:

1). He is present in the lives of the hungry (Lk. 24:41). Anyone who hungers to have the basic needs of life satisfied, is the face of Christ to us.

2). We are implored to, listen to, and seek understanding of, the scriptures (Lk. 24:44-45). The risen Word made flesh is constantly revealed in the gift of His word, which guides our lives according to His will.

3). We are called to, live a life of repentance as witnesses for Jesus (Lk.24:47-48). Like Peter and John, we acknowledge that the good we do is not by our piety (Acts 3:12 &16), but by the power of our risen Lord.

Today, let us be open to encountering Christ in others, even as we choose to be Christ for others by His grace and Spirit.

Lord Jesus, may our celebration of Your resurrection inspire us to live as true disciples for Your eternal glory. Amen.

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