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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

"Morning after morning, the Lord opens my ear that I may hear" (Is. 50:4). God speaks and touches our ears, but do we really listen? We are so used to either being distracted by our gadgets, or 'tuning out' when someone speaks, that we may hear the noise of the words but miss the substance of the message. In our state of distraction, we even blame others for not being clear or even making the statement. This habit can become so constitutive in our lives that we fail to notice how it affects our relationship with others, and especially with our God. Relationships survive and solidify on effective communication. When we no longer listen, the relationship weakens and eventually dies. Let us endeavour to make every attempt to hear, listen and follow the voice of our loving and saving Lord. His words lead to life. Speak Lord, and help me to listen and respond to Your word. Amen.


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