• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

We can each read a book and have different interpretations. We can each undergo an experience and derive varied perceptions and conclusions. Each of us can even eat the same meal and share various levels of likes and tastes. We are all different, and therefore our summation of a person or an event may be dissimilar.

The people who encountered Jesus were divided as to whether Jesus was a Prophet or the Christ (Jn. 7:40-41). They all heard Him and saw His miracles, but could not agree on the 'label' He was to be assigned. God who made us knows our uniqueness. He looks at our heart (Jer. 11:20), so that despite our inability to agree, He who sees our intentions will always guide us into peace and joy. Father, may Your Spirit of truth and love guide me through the storms of life, and carry me to Your harbour of peace. Amen.

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