• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

How does a tree come into existence? It springs from a seed that was planted and struggles through the earth and elements in order to grow. How is pure gold formed? The mined substance is placed in the fiery furnace to burn away the impurities. How is a child born? The mother undergoes pain and yields new life. In the same vein, how do we prove ourselves worthy as Disciples of Jesus? Anything of value must undergo periods of fiery trials. The 'just one' was condemned, ridiculed and tortured (Wis. 2:18-19). Jesus experienced rejection from others who sought to kill Him (Jn. 7:1). But His struggles and death yielded the crown of eternal life. May our trials and cross lead us into heavenly glory. Lord Jesus, help me to carry my cross daily for Your glory and my eternal salvation. Amen.

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