• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Do we keep our promises? How many times have agreements been made, pacts sealed and contracts undertaken, only to be broken time after time? Rare is the experience that remains true to the assent and its spirit. Our human weakness is evident by the brokenness and failure that is all around us.

As believers, we also dishonour our baptismal promise each time we sin. We often fail to love God and neighbour with all our being. But we worship a merciful God. He is faithful to His promise to bless us (Ex. 32:13). His promise to be with us (Mt. 28:20) and save us (Is. 49:25) is always kept. Today, let us praise God for His fidelity.

Lord Jesus, help me to cultivate a heart of gratitude for Your mercy and faithful love, especially when I stray. Amen.

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