• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Before arriving at a conclusion, do we gather as much relevant facts as possible? Do we allow both sides of an experience to be shared? Are we humble enough to recognize that we will never have all the evidence? This is because it is not only the words and actions, but also that the mindset and intentions, impacting the event, are beyond our eyes and ears. When Jesus healed the possessed man in today's gospel, they concluded that He colluded with Beelzebul to perform this act (Lk. 11:15). They saw the power of Jesus and heard His words, but their hearts were set against Him. Whether by their personal choice or peer pressure, Jesus could do no right or say anything good. During Lent, let us surrender our hearts to the Lord, listen to His voice (Ps. 95:8), and choose to refrain from judging others. Lord Jesus, may my love for You and others be evidenced by my restraint from judging, choosing instead to surrender all into Your hands. Amen.

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