• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Today we are given two challenges: observe God's directives with all our heart (Dt. 26:16) and love our enemies (Mt. 5:44). The first challenge is a call by God for us to understand that obedience to Him should be based on love, and not on a feeling of being compelled. By giving God our heart in love, then our minds, wills and bodies will follow. Love makes obedience a joy, not a chore. The second challenge is an expansion of what it means to give God our heart. We are all one family with God as our Father. Since He loves each of us to the extent of sending Jesus to die so that all may be saved, then our love for each other should reflect this same unrestricted love. It is in the struggle to love our enemies that we experience growth on the path to perfection. Father, teach me how to love as You desire, so that I may choose to imitate Your example of holiness. Amen.

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