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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Voices guide our daily lives. The voices of our parents, family, friends, teachers, and from various institutions offer information geared towards growth and formation. As we get older, we engage with others outside our familiar circle and enter into dialogue with our conscience. Today, Moses entreats the people to 'choose life by heeding the voice of the Lord' (Dt. 30:20). It is the voice of our God that leads us to joy in this life. The Lord's voice, evident in His word and magnified through the Church, must be discerned from the other voices in our lives. His voice not only provides light and peace, but also offers strength to choose that which glorifies Him and effects our salvation. Whose voice will have my attention today, and for the rest of my life? Lord, teach me how to listen to Your voice, and grant me the grace to respond as You desire. Amen.

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