• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

When Jesus taught us to pray the Our Father (Lk. 11:1-13), He affirmed the fact that we are God's children. We, who are made in God's image (Sir. 17:1), are empowered by the Holy Spirit to cry out "Abba/Father" (Mk. 14:36). God our Father carved us in the palm of His hand (Is. 49:16). Therefore, our true identity can neither be erased by sin, nor denied by the opinions or judgements of others. Jesus touched the children and blessed them in today's gospel (Mk. 10: 13-16). Today, He continues to touch all of us, so that we may live for the praise of our Lord's name (Sir. 17:10). We do so by embracing the values of His kingdom and trusting His grace. Since children resemble their parents, then may our lives reflect and reveal the beautiful truth that we are all children of God. Father, may my life celebrate Your love, honour Your holy name, and be a child in whom You are well pleased. Amen.

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