• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

"What God has joined together, no one must separate" (Mk. 10:9). In the context of marriage, Jesus affirms the beauty of this bond of love which is meant to be for life. He cites "hardness of hearts" (Mk. 10:5) as the main reason Moses allowed for divorce. However, Jesus reminds us that God created us in love. This love never divides, but it binds, reconciles and unites. In the broader context of the spiritual life, God's unending love forever unites us to Him. Through the blood of Christ, we are 'glued' to our God who wants us all to stay connected with Him in this world and the next. Our response should be to reflect and remove any 'hardening of heart' caused by sin, that threatens our relationship with God and each other. Today, let love unite. Lord, may my love for You be evidenced by the life and choices I make, all aimed at being united with you forever. Amen.

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