• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

Do we truly believe what we say when we speak with our God? It is easy to say anything, but sometimes difficult to show belief in those words. Peter declares, "You are the Christ" (Mk. 8:29), but then nullifies that statement by later rebuking the Lord (Mk. 8:32) when he tried to control the journey of Jesus. Despite affirming the authority of Jesus, Peter then seeks to override His role. When we pray to our God, are we aware of what we are saying? Our prayer should lead us to be "fertile and multiply and fill the earth" (Gn. 9:1) with the fruits of our faith and the loving mercy of our God. If our words are impulsive and empty, then like Peter, they will sound pretty but lack substance. But when our words are reflective and from a heart of love, they allow the Lord to take the lead, and allow Him to use us to draw all into His saving presence. Lord, may my words and life be so authentic in Your sight, that I will allow Your Spirit to empower me to bear the fruits of love, peace and mercy for the advancement of Your kingdom. Amen.

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