• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

We are all given the power to choose. In the beginning, God gave the gift of His created order to humans for them to manage. This responsibility came with a caveat, 'eat from all trees except the tree of knowledge of good and evil' (Gn. 2:17). Eating from the latter tree would bring death, while eating from the others would result in life. Obedience was desired by God, but was not forced.

True love can never be valid without full and free consent. God our Father freely shared His love by the act of creation. Jesus our Lord freely went to the cross for the salvation of the created world. Both unforced actions of the Father and Son yield life. Now we have the opportunity to reflect this love. The influences from outside and intentions within us prompt choices which lead to either death or life. Which will I freely choose today?

Lord, help me to respond obediently to Your word, so that the choices I freely make will please You and lead me to eternal life.

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