• Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

Jesus is ready to heal us if we are open to His power. God sees all the ills of our bodies and souls. Therefore, when we seek Him, our loving Lord is ready to 'lay His hands and cure us' (Mk. 6:6). God desires our salvation, and His merciful love impels Him to forgive, restore and make us whole. God's aim is to have us all in His everlasting kingdom, free from sickness, sin and death. The story of our salvation is ongoing. What God has done for others, He will do for us. If we appreciate the reality that we are participants in this eternal story of life and love, then what God does for us, is a call for us to do for others. The intensity of love, mercy and healing that we receive from God, is that which we are called to share with others. Lord, help me to be as loving and merciful to others as You are, and always have been, to me. Amen.

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