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Daily Bytes

Stop and think before you make a request of the Lord. Are you truly ready for marriage and raising children if this is your prayer? Can you handle the difficult personalities and heavy responsibilities if you are asking God for a promotion or change in career? Are you sincere in your desire to love friend and foe as stated by Jesus who calls you to follow Him?

We may hesitate and not be totally sure of the above answers. But in today’s gospel, we have guidelines that we can follow (Mt. 14:22-36). They are: keep your eyes on the Lord and not on the storm; listen to His voice amid the thunder of confusion; bid Him to call you to Himself, and above all, keep your faith in His power and not on your weakness.

Life has no guarantees. But if we trust in the Lord and seek Him in prayer, all will be well.

Lord Jesus, You are our peace in the storm; our answer to any question; our way in the path of life. Help us to listen to Your voice and to trust in Your guidance and saving power. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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