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Daily Bytes

There are three highlighted truths in today’s gospel (Lk. 8:1-3) for us to ponder:

1. Our Lord proclaimed good news wherever He went. Believers should ponder how much energy we spend intentionally speaking good news that encourage others, as opposed to how much time we participate in demotivating someone or malicious gossip.

2. Our Lord delivers us from sin and evil. Care should be taken that after we are healed, we do not fall back into the net of our former vice. Returning to our old ways of self-absorption will lead to death. Walking in newness with the Lord leads to eternal life.

3. There are those who are blessed with material benefits. Those are those who are in need. The former, who have experienced the generosity of the Lord, are invited to be sources of providence for others. Our response to the Spirit’s guidance yields true joy.

If our faith in God and love for Him are not making positive differences in our lives and the lives of others, then we need to humble ourselves in prayer and listen to His voice.

Loving Saviour, You heal us and provide for our daily needs. May we who walk closer with You choose to be sources of good news and support for each other. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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