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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

There are three stages to being healed by the Lord. These are as follows:

1. One must recognise the need for healing. Whether it is a healing of the mind (Mt. 17:14), body or spirit, either the individual or the guardian has to see that a malady is present and needs to be cured.

2. One must seek the Lord and humbly ask for healing. It is important, where possible, to name or describe the symptoms, so that ‘Doctor God’ can provide the remedy. Naming yields dominance.

3. One must have faith in the Healer (Mt. 17:20). It is pointless to come to God and not trust in His power. Faith in God gives the assurance that He will hear and respond. God always heals.

Today, turn to the Lord, and either for the self or others, claim a healing through His love and grace.

Lord Jesus, You are the great Healer. Pour Your healing love into our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits, so that we can enjoy the quality of life that only You alone can offer. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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