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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

Every seed has the potential to become a tree. If the tree is desired, then plant the seed. If the tree will be an obstruction, then it is easier to throw away the seed than to spend an extra amount of time and energy to cut down the tree. This reality is useful for our spiritual lives. It is easier to plant seeds in our hearts that will spur the beautiful trees of love, peace, joy and kindness in our lives as we journey with other people. However, it is just as important to identify and uproot those seeds planted that will grow into trees of sorrow. The seeds of envy, malice, anger, fear and jealousy will allow a forest of evil to thrive. Jesus states the seed of lust, when planted in our lives, will give growth to the tree of adultery (Mt. 5:28). May the Holy Spirit help us to identify which seeds lead to good trees, and which ones we need to throw away (Mt. 5:29). Come Holy Spirit, and help us to distinguish good seeds from bad, so that we can cast away the latter, and allow the trees of our lives to advance Your eternal glory. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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