• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

How well do we listen? Unless one has a hearing impediment, every individual hears the sounds that strike the eardrums. In order to cope, we instinctively blot out some sounds so that we can focus on what we need to hear. But our busy schedule, the ever demanding and increasing concept of multi-tasking, distracting thoughts in our heads and activities around us, and the state of our hearts all contribute to us not listening well. These challenges to listening to each other also spill over in listening to our God. If we see the reality of not being good listeners to those we can see, then how much more difficult it is to focus on our God who we cannot see. Two keys to effective listening to God are: locate a place of prayer (Acts 16:13) that is quiet and listen primarily to understand (Acts 16:14). If we use these keys, like Lydia, we too will grow in God’s ways and word. Speak Lord, Your servant is listening. Help me Lord to intentionally minimise the physical, psychological, technological and emotional realities in my life which can become barriers to Your voice. Teach me to listen and help me to grow in Your love and mercy. Amen.



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