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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

There is a real principle and spiritual beauty in life: the greater our generosity, the more we are blessed. Jesus said, “Give and you shall receive” ((Lk. 6:38). We are enriched not when we hoard, but when we choose to share. This message must be paramount in these days of stress. We prove ourselves to be good neighbours when we do not overstock, but ensure there is enough for others to either purchase or receive as gifts. The early Church ensured there was no needy person among them (Acts. 4:34). If a chain is as strong as its weakest link, then we should ensure that the most vulnerable among us are not abandoned. Our generosity to others, which mirrors God’s benevolence to us, is to be evidenced in the following ways: heartfelt prayer for all; richness in forgiveness and mercy; kindness in words and deeds. Let our gratitude spur our daily generosity. Lord Jesus, as You generously gave Yourself fully on the cross, and in a more wonderful way, was rewarded with resurrection, teach me how to give and not count the cost. Amen.


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