• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

We are walking signs. We are living advertisements for Jesus. What we say and do either points effectively to the power of Christ in our lives, or acts as a barrier for others. Jesus said that Jonah was a sign for the Ninevites, and He is a sign for His generation (Lk. 11:30). Jonah’s sign was to call the people to repentance (Jon. 3:1-10). Jesus is the sign of our eternal salvation for those who believe (Jn. 3:16). Since our psychology affects our physiology, do we truly believe? Do we actually believe, that like the Ninevites, when we repent and approach the Lord with contrite hearts and humble spirits, that our loving God is ready and able to forgive us? Do we confidently and wholeheartedly surrender ourselves to the blood of Christ who heals and saves us? Do we live our lives to inspire others to repent and inherit the gift of eternal life? Lord Jesus, we acknowledge You as the Sign of our salvation. May we strive to be signs of Your love and mercy to all we encounter. Amen.



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