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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Sunday Byte

Today’s gospel teaches us about the stages of surrendering our lives and trusting in the power of our God (Mk. 12:41-44). The first stage of yielding to God is with our lips. We declare Jesus to be Lord of our lives, we confess our sins and we pledge to do better.

The second stage is when we show concrete love for God by setting aside time to do corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and sharing our tangible assets, usually from our surplus of blessing. The final stage is when we imitate the widow. This is the stage when we do not watch what others do or give, when we are not concerned about what we have after we share, not seek praise for our efforts or worry about tomorrow. This is when our faith is truly solid. The widow foreshadows the total self-giving of Jesus. Jesus constantly gave Himself to task of teaching and executing good works. When the time was right, Jesus gave the gift of dying on the cross for our salvation. The ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ was a revelation in growing in the stages of surrendering to the Father’s will. With His lips, Jesus declared the Father’s love for all. By His actions, Jesus showed the Father’s power in the healing and miracles that were experienced. Then, when the time was right, Jesus’ words and actions imparted the gift of the Eucharist, which lead to His total surrender on the cross. This sacrifice was not in vain, but yielded the reward of resurrection. What stage of surrender to our God are we? Lord Jesus, we thank and praise You for Your total surrender for our salvation. May we show our gratitude by our intentional growth in faith and the daily surrendering of our lives into Your loving hands. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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