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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

It is striking to read how Isaac and Rebekah saw each other in the distance, got married and became sources of comfort for each other (Gn. 23:62-67). We have become numb to the numerous reports of separation and divorce by couples, that to ponder this simple union by them stirs a renewed belief in love. Two things are necessary for any relationship to work: 1. It must be in accordance with God's plan. He who promised to bless Abraham and his descendants, made the simple 'look' of Isaac and Rebekah for each other become a union for life. (The opposite is also true, if God does not want it, it will never work). 2. Both denied self to be the presence of comfort for each other. So many couples miss this beautiful truth, that each is called to be the face of God - the face of love and joy - for the other. Security in a relationship starts with self-denial. Lord Jesus, bless us, whether as couples or as friends, to glorify You in all our relationships by being Your presence for others. Amen.


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