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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Today's gospel pericope highlights the important and necessary ingredients for evangelisation. When told by others who had seen the risen Lord, the Disciples still did not believe in the resurrection of Jesus (Mk. 16:9-13). They therefore remained paralysed in their doubt, fear and grief. Mary Magdalene may have shared these same traits, but her encounter with the risen Lord inspired her to go and tell the others (Mk. 16:9-10). Evangelisation, telling others about the good news of Easter joy, is based on the two 'legs' of encountering the Lord and believing in the power of His resurrection. We encounter the Lord in His Word, the Sacraments and our prayer lives. Our belief is strengthened when we allow Him to speak with us and guide our daily lives. May our love for Jesus enflame our faith to evangelise our world. Lord Jesus, may the power and joy of Your resurrection stir us to actively spread Your good news as You desire. Amen.

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